Pompano Beach Cultural Center Opens with a Bang!

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pompano beach ribbon cutting

At last, the long-awaited and eagerly anticipated Pompano Beach Cultural Center and Library will host a World Premiere Party Weekend to help set the stage for South Florida’s cultural arts movement. The first event at the center will be the Preview Party, sponsored by Sabbia Beach and presented by Pompano! Magazine. This fundraiser will take place May 12th and will feature live spontaneous performances by top regional talent, along with tours of the world premiere exhibit, “Shipwrecked of Reason: Half a Century in Cuban Art”, which is on loan from the Cuban government.

The two-story structure, which planners envision as a beacon for culture and learning in South Florida, spans 88,000 square feet and includes the Cultural Center and the brand-new Broward County Library, slated to open in the fall. The Cultural Center comprises an art gallery, a digital-media arts center, and a flexible space for performances.

The new Center is programmed and managed by the Cultural Arts Creatives, a 501(c)(3) non-profit cultural organization focused on the exploding arts landscape of Pompano Beach. In addition to the Cultural Center, the group, also known as The Creatives, programs and promotes a host of arts and cultural happenings in various venues around the city.

Planners envision the Cultural Center as “a catalyst for economic growth, a cultural haven for artists, and the destination for cutting-edge culture in Pompano Beach, using the power of the arts to uplift, revitalize, and build a stronger community.” They see it offering “cultural opportunities in many artistic disciplines while providing the public access to world-renowned music, dance, theater performances, and art exhibitions.”

Thanks to the determination and foresight of City and County visionaries, Pompano Beach will now join the ranks of other great municipalities who have a state-of-the-art facility which serves as a beacon for culture and learning.

“My hope is that the center fills a niche that no one else can offer: providing educational opportunities with the media center; providing opportunities for new and upcoming artists to display their talents; offering a venue for weddings, private corporate events; and showcasing our all-around and well-rounded city as one of the finest in America,” said Mayor Lamar Fisher.

The venue scored a major art-world coup by securing a world premiere collection from the top 20 Cuban contemporary artists. Through collaborative efforts with the Latin American Art Pavilion, the Center is honored to present “Shipwrecked of Reason: Half a Century in Cuban Art”, curated by the internationally renowned Isabel María Pérez Pérez. Isabel is the Chief Curator Editora Ejecutiva del sello ArteCubano. She is regarded as the leading authority on contemporary Cuban Art and is celebrated as one of the top curators worldwide. Her expertise has resulted in a multitude of projects spanning the globe, from curating internationally acclaimed exhibits to presenting symposiums on the contemporary art movement in Cuba.

From the multiple visions of 20 artists, “Shipwrecked of Reason: Half a Century in Cuban Art”, seeks to present a condensed multigenerational mapping of pivotal moments over the last 50 years of Cuba’s evolution. This vision is marked by the consensus and the coexistence of these creative agents who have the most diverse artistic talents and perspectives. Each artwork deals specifically with such themes as memory, identity, body and portrait, territory and landscape, and the construction of history. The collective dynamics of these artists and their work epitomize the idea of change.

If you’re interested in the arts, then the new center will likely become a focus of your lifestyle when you’re living at the ultra-luxurious, ultra-modern residences of the Sabbia Beach condominiums, just steps away from your door.

Tickets for the Preview Party are $100, $80 of which will be tax deductible. Guests will also receive a complimentary ticket to a show of their choice by a Cultural Alliance member, complimentary drinks, dinner-by-the-bite with a private chef, and a special commemorative issue of Pompano! Magazine.

Event sponsors include: Sabbia Beach, Pompano! Magazine, NBC 6, Telemundo, PDQ, Isle Casino Racing Pompano Park, John Knox Village, Bateman Gordon Sands, Inc. and Ainsworth Gaming Technology. This is a “don’t miss” so be sure to add it to your calendar!

For more information call 954-839-9578 or visit www.ccpompano.com

Your Insider’s Guide to Pompano Beach: Marilyn Astle


Meet your Pompano Beach Expert: Marilyn Astle

Marilyn Astle, a sales executive at the beautiful Sabbia Beach condominiums, has lived in the Pompano Beach area for 20 years. When she’s not promoting and selling pre-construction units for Sabbia Beach, one of her favorite pastimes is floating in a boat on the ocean. This week she wants to highlight one of her favorite events in Pompano Beach, the annual Seafood Festival.

Florida’s biggest beach party, the three-day Pompano Beach Seafood Festival, takes place every year in mid-April directly on the beach at the Pompano Beach Fishing Pier. Boasting a variety of live musical acts, both local and national, past performers have included The Guess Who and Grand Funk Railroad. The music is presented on three different stages along the beach, which guarantees you’ll always be able to find tunes to suit your taste.

The festival also features over 180 arts and crafts vendors stretching along Pompano Beach Blvd. And of course, how could it be a seafood festival without delicious seafood delicacies from the local waters prepared by chefs from local restaurants. Here you can find grilled, sautéed and fried fish, shrimp, lobster, crab, clams, mussels, raw and fried oysters and conch, along with such typical festival fare as fritters, paella, Cajun, jerk, and more.

Marilyn says, “Not only is this three memorable days of fun, food, music, surf and sand, I especially like the fact that it benefits so many worthy causes in our area. I never miss it!”

Founded in 1984 by the Pompano Beach Chamber of Commerce, proceeds are used to benefit such local charities as the Kiwanis and Rotary Clubs of Pompano Beach, Women in Financial Services, and several schools and youth organizations, over 50 in all. Because this is a non-profit event, all services are provided by local volunteers.

The next festival will be held April 28-30, 2017. Admission is $10 on Friday and $15 each Saturday and Sunday, with a three-day package price of $30. Tickets are available online or at the door. There’s so much fun and food packed into this three-day extravaganza. This is one event you won’t want to miss, and once you are a resident of Sabbia Beach, you won’t have to because it will be in your backyard.

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